Do you have questions? Read through our frequently asked questions below!


What can I expect when I contact Pittenger Painting LLC for an estimate?

When we are contacted for an estimate, the customer receives a prompt response, and a date is scheduled at the customer’s earliest convenience for an on-site visit. Upon arriving at the site, we will listen carefully until all painting-related needs are communicated and understood. Next, complete measurements of the area will be taken, drywall/plaster repairs that need to made will be noted, as well as any special considerations for the completion of the project. We will then discuss available paint products, finishes, and qualities of paint. If the customer is uncertain, Pittenger Painting would be delighted to make any helpful recommendations. Within the week of the on-site visit, the customer will receive an estimate for the project. We prefer to e-mail the project estimate, as this method is the fastest way of sending out this information; however, customers are encouraged to inform us if U.S. mail is preferred.


It is recommended for the customer to begin considering color options as soon as possible, and to have them selected no later than 2 to 3 days prior to the start of the painting project. The customer can feel free to e-mail the selected color and manufacturer to pittenger_painting@yahoo.com, or call us at (717) 802-0503.

What happens when Pittenger Painting LLC arrives at my home?

The customer will be personally introduced to each of the team members that will be working on the project. Next, colors and designated rooms/walls that are included in the project will be confirmed, and any project questions the customer may have will be thoroughly answered. After everyone is in agreement with the scope of the project, work begins.


At the end of each work day, the team cleans up all paint and tools and moves them to the van or staging area (if provided) such as a garage or basement. Next, all debris is vacuumed and cleaned up, and all coverings from areas (as agreed upon with the customer) are removed. The team will work very closely with customers to avoid any inconvenience to them during the course of the painting project.

What happens when the project is completed?

A complete walk through of the entire project will be performed by Sam or a project manager, making certain that all craftsmanship meets the highest quality standards. In addition to this, all rooms will be returned to way they were before the team arrived; with the exception, of course, to a newly painted space. Each customer’s complete satisfaction with the finished project will be personally ensured by Pittenger Painting LLC.